Satyanarayana Puram

Satyanarayana Puram lies beside Gandhi Nagar. Most  of the residents in Satyanarayana Puram are business people.  Everyday workers come here by train, sell milk and they return back.  A number of shops which sell milk products are available here.

Populaton :

~35 to 40k + 8k in srinagar +  6k in lakshmi nagar




Small business people, employees Govt./Private, Teachers.


Government schools – 2

St. John’s

Sri Chaithyna

Saradha Degree College

S C Railway Jack and Jill School


Municipal office

CID Regional office

ESI Dispensary

Railway Health Unit

Rainbow Hospital

Noure hospital

2 parks

Bus services :

BRTS road passes though this area

14s, 20, 3, 3d , 99-brts serivices

Railway quarters are available here.

In railway quarters, a play ground, 2 community halls/ marriage hall and gym are available.



Ing Vysya


inside areas

sri nagar:

It lies beside Madhura Nagar in Satyanarayana Puram. It has 6 streets and 9 cross streets. Mostly, the government employees live here. Maruthi gas agency is present here.



Retaired employees and business people.




Real Estate:

Land Rates:

100 yard

2000 –  4k

2003 – 04 – 8k

05 – 06 – 20k-40k

08 – 60k

10 – 1l to 2l

12 – 3.5 (main road 10l)

2014 May  – 30 to 40l

(Data Collected Before May 16′ 2014 and it is Approximate values only)

Satyanarayana Puram Map:

Nearby Places

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Kedeswar Nagar