Guntur District

Guntur city is is the district head quarters of the Guntur district. It is the biggest city in the Guntur District. Being a high commercial city and with good residential areas, Guntur stands as the third most populous city in Andhra Pradesh. Guntur city is famous for it’s mirchi crops. It is often referred as Mirchi City.The district’s coastline is approximately 100 kilometres . Guntur City is the largest city and the administrative centre of the Guntur District. The district is a major centre for education and learning.

Guntur district acts as a home for many historically significant areas like Amaravati, Kondaveedu Fort, Undavalli caves. In the year 2012, the city got expanded further after expanding the city limits by adding 10 more surrounding villages. The Guntur district’s coastal line is about 100 kilometers.

The Guntur city has many parks, museums, nature conservation sites, forts, resorts and caves making it a good tourism spot. Guntur has a tropical climate which makes it very hot during the summer season(47 C). We can provide several way to promote the climatic conditions of a region.

A number of changes are taking place in the Guntur city since it’s declaration as the capital city of the Andhra Pradesh. Many new businesses are being started. The real estate field is running in it’s full swing. There are lands available for sale and now will be a good time to buy. The details of the regions have been provided in the website as per the regions, feel free to go through it and let us know of any necessary changes regarding the information that is being provided.




Famous Places:

Amaravathi Buddhist Site

Kondaveedu Fort


Brindavan Gardens

Manasa Sarovar