Gollapudi belongs to Vijayawada major rural region. It is connected to NH9. Gollapudi bypass also starts here. This region lies in a downward region and hence has a problem of floods. Most of the buildings are apartments. Long back, it was famous for marbles. Now there are only few available.


Farmers, Employees

Bus service

From inside the village, 1 service is available. That colony is referred as 1 center.

14s, 188, 145, 144, 221, 226, and some passenger services


Ayyappa swamy temple


Ganganamma temple

Education :

Ravindhra Bharathi


Narayana College


Main Road:

40l to 60 l

inside 25l to 30l

1 cent

95- 800

present 40l – check

house rent

95- 300

2000- 500

2005 – 1.5k

2008 – 2k

2010 – 3.5k

2012 – 4k

present – 6k



Nearby Places

Housing Board Colony